Stevens Management Services, Inc.

We are proud of the service we offer in the following areas:


· Routine inspections of the common areas; identifying repairs needed.

· Preparing specifications for contract services.

· Collecting bids for contract services such as snow plowing, landscaping, painting, etc… checking references, and monitoring contractor performance.

· Taking service requests, arranging repairs and recording action taken.

· Establishing routine preventative maintenance procedures.

· Maintenance personnel available for minor repairs at an hourly rate.



· Attend annual membership meetings and Board of Directors meetings.

· Prepare and distribute meeting notices, agendas, proxies, ballots and other materials needed for membership meetings.

· Organize monthly report to inform owners of any pertinent activities. 

· Handle all correspondence for the operation of the property (responses to letters, advance notice of service, rules violations, etc.).

· Maintain a file of all records, contracts, correspondence and minutes furnished to us.

· Prepare and distribute letters, e-mail notifications, and newsletters.

· Supervise property and liability insurance policies, and work with insurance agents on claims should they occur.
· Assist owners regarding questions and issues. We provide a 24-hour, 7-day per week emergency number. Routine service requests and comments are submitted during regular office hours.

· Assist in the preparation and enforcement of rules and regulations.



· Stevens Management Services is insured and carries a $250,000 fidelity bond. 

 We collect association assessments and other fees, through electronic withdrawals, or annual coupons, keep accurate accounting records and provide a monthly financial statement and general ledger expense detail to the owners. Funds for all property’s are kept segregated and in the name of the ownership of that property. 

· Address collection issues in accordance with Board-adopted policy & procedures. 

· Review and reconcile bank statements and oversee reserve accounts, including tracking CD purchases and expirations. 

· Process and pay all expenses incurred by the Association as provided by the budget or approved by the Board. 

· Prepare an annual budget for approval by the Board.


Stevens Management is a highly service oriented organization. Although we have standard operating procedures in place, we understand the uniqueness of each property, and modify our service, when possible, to meet the requirements of each property.

To obtain additional information as to how we can serve your Association, request a Management Proposal today!